Friday, December 31, 2010


A time travelling adventurer who fights evil on the land and under the sea? Who does that remind me of? The Cave of Cool officially welcomes COMMANDER X to the fight.

Brother May let me know of this magnificent bastard today and I not only wet my diaper at the news but I ordered me up a quick four figures before you could say 'Christmas money'.

You can check out the site here.

Always room for one more hero in the 'Cave of Cool' I am sure will be only be the beginning of a growing pantheon of characters associated with our mission this year.

OMG - They don't ship to CANADA????? WTF? Way to start my year by placing me on a suicidal path. I am emailing them now but I have the feeling that these will have to remain just out of reach to me.

Unless someone wants to offer me up an American address that I can get them sent to after I pay for them and then get them shipped up to me after I pay you??? Huh?

Doesn't that sound like a MITZVA - something nice to do for a fellow human being to get your KARMA off to a good start this new year? Think of 2010. You can always make use of some good karma in 2011 I am sure.


Addresses can be send to my email -

UPDATE - Thanks to the generousity of Brother May my figures are racing to him as we speak on their first stop in a journey to the 'Cave of Cool'.

Thought you had me one last time didn't you 2010? Like the stinkin' bulbheads you just underestimated my many valued associates all over the world.

I know I call them 'agents' or 'associates' but in reality all the people who I am fortunate to interact with because of this site can more accurately be described as friends.

Happy New Year everyone. My unlimited love to you all.

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