Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Try...But I Can't Look Away

I am truly afraid of creatures with eight tentacles. I always have been. But they are in the oceans and as long as I avoid the water or large aquariums or motor homes filled with sea water I am resonably sure that I will be okay.

On land, though, there is something that scares me almost as much. These frickin' bot flies. What kind of freak of a creature grows under a person's skin like that and have to be starved of air before their dead bodies are carefully removed from the person infected? If you try to do this when they are alive or you pull too hard then there is the chace that they can break in half or burrow even deeper into your skin. WHAT THE FUCK?

I have to say though that I can watch them be removed all day. It is absolutely the most hypnotic of primitive medical procedures.

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