Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Moria By Alan Lee

This is one of the best 'Lord of the Rings' images I have ever seen. What great symbolism. How insignificant is the 'Fellowship' when compared to the task they have set themselves to complete? How utterly hopeless their situation? However, they all just move forward towards the light until they either succeed or fall.


Pat Tillett said...

This is a great image!

Last week I found myself yet again watching the entire series of movies... I don't know if I could read it again, but maybe...

Kal said...

Reading it is a slog. It's like 'Moby Dick' or 'War and Peace' - I get it - after two hundred pages I get that Whales fought in Crimea.

And those three movies are brilliant. So many cool parts when you just say 'wow' outloud. What is your absolute favorite scene?
You only get to pick one.

For me its the conversation between Gimli and Legolas in the boat where Gimli tells him that he got three strands of hair from the Lady Galandrial. Gets me everytime, the awe and wonder in his drawf voice. John-Ryse is a god.

Anonymous said...

when sam picks up an exhausted frodo,saying i may not be able to carry it but i can carry you.what true friendship is all about.nuff said.