Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Movies I Want To See In 2011

I am tired of this trend of movie trailers being released a YEAR or more in advance. They show me a cool trailer and I have to wait forever for the actual product to arrive. By the time it does I am so pissed to be kept waiting that long that I am acutally lookig forward to the movie failing. The following movies look worth the wait, however.

The Adjustment Bureau

The Green Hornet

Sucker Punch

Source Code


Super 8

Green Lantern

Cowboys and Aliens


Budd said...

Don't give up on Mighty Thor yet.

I am looking forward to Sucker Punch.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sucker Punch and Cowboys and Aliens are going to rock! Real curious about Super 8.

Kal said...

Actually Budd I am looking forward to Thor. Lots of good talent behind and in front of the cameras here. Who else can do such a great 'You are BANISHED' than Hopkins?

Budd said...

I was talking about the "B" one. the "A" one looks good, but did you see the size of the legs of the guy playing the "B" one.

Kal said...

What is with everyone and this beekcake's legs? I have heard that reaction to the pic from 5 people now in two days. If the film was called 'The Mighty Thor's Legs' I could see all the attention.

Drake said...

I'm looking forward to the Green Hornet, i was like "Seth Rogan?!" when he was announced as the G Hornet but the guy seems to be able play none stonerhead parts and it looks good.

Kal said...

Seth is 'on notice' from me with this movie. He does the easy breezy comedy thing but I want to see some menace, a moment when his Green Hornet realizes he isn't playing a game here. Basically I want to see he gives a shit about how cool this character is and how much fans are hoping he gets it right. The Kato looks great as do the sets, props. There are a lot of good people in this one too so let's hope.