Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Admiral Is A Talker Too

I wish I could have back the kitten Admiral I first feel in love with just for one day. He was the best kitten ever and instantly started answering my questions with his unique meow.

Getting up on the high bed was a climbing expedition for him but he loved it. When he got to the covers he knew he could get a ton of attention from whomever was lying there watching TV. It was hilarious to hear him call out for help but I never even peeked over the edge at him because the expression on his face when he succeeded in his mission was too sweet to spoil.

He still talks to me today when he wants to remind me it's time for noms or to go out or to brush him or to get out of the tub so he can bash around the bubbles.

I have about 20 rolls of undeveloped film from back in his youth that I haven't gotten around to getting developed. I should do that this week and see what is on them. Won't that be a trip in the Wayback Machine.


TS Hendrik said...

You might have undiscovered lolcat gold!

Kal said...

Well I sure have been prospecting for it long enough.