Sunday, March 1, 2009

Collection of Super Icons


Reis O'Brien said...

I don't even like Superman, but that's pretty damn cool. The graphic designer in me gets all excited when it sees variations on anything. Cool pic!

Wings1295 said...

I love it man! Very cool. In fact, you inspired me to give it a go. I used Aquaman's "A" for mine.

Not great, but it was fun.

Unknown said...

Alright, lemme see how many I can do :)

Starting 1st row, left: Red Sun (From Millar's Elseworlds), Superman Red (Ick.), Dunno, 50's Wayne Boring Design, Dunno,

2nd row: Hell that could be anything :), Eradicator from the Death of Superman, Superboy from DoS, Steel from DoS, 1938 Joe Schuster version

3rd row: 40's Superman?, Bizarro, Superman Returns?, Nazi Superman from Earth-10?, Cyborg Superman

4th row: The cleaners really jacked up my suit Superman, Superman Blue (Double Ick.), Kingdom Come, Superboy in Black T-Shirt, Dunno

5th row: Dunno, Resurrection Suit from DoS, Superman with his shirt undone?, Superboy Prime, and "I feel you bruther," Superman.

Best I can do.

Video Zeta One said...

Really cool. Came here from Caffeinated Joe's site (he did it with Aquaman). Cool idea - I'll have to try it myself.