Friday, January 9, 2009

Afro Samurai

Now why didn't somebody come up with this concept before - combine Japanese Samurai action with 70 Blacksplotation and make it all insane anime. The story concerns the eternal battle for the 'headband' a mythical piece of cloth that bestows certain powers and abilities on its owner and in effect makes them the #1. Now being #1 is easy. You sit on top of the pyramid. Only the #2 can challenge you so you just have to fight off one guy. But being #2 and having the #2 headband is the bitch. You have to fight every loser and wannabe out there who thinks they can take away your shot at #1 - or every 20 losers and 20 wannabees - sometimes all at the same time. But for a man with nothing but vengenge in his heart the #2 position is just a training ground, a stepping stone to taking the life of the man that killed his father - the former #1. And if he has to walk over childhood friends and endure the voice of what is more than likely the subconscious representation of his insanity (Ninja Ninja) then so be it. We never see his travelling partner fight or even talk to anyone but Afro so I supsect he in not real. Just don't mess with the fro' cause if you mess with the fro' then you GOT to go! As Afro said "Its nothing personal...its just revenge." Both Afro and his 'conscience' are voiced by the great Samuel L. Jackson. Through Afro's journey of revenge and retribution we meet some strange character (well not for anime but for western sensibilities) and learn that his path is a curse - something he cannot walk away from until it consumes him and everyone he touches. For a man with nothing to lose is a man with nothing at all. A five part anime series premiered on SPIKE last year and the next chapter is due at the end of this month. I am so there. And remember - He only drinks lemonaid and he like it ICE COLD (even has his own special lemonaid straw). I like the way the story is set in no distinct time period and combines the modern with the ancient giving it a timeless quality. I especially like his main enemy (beside the current #1 Justice) and childhood friend Kumu who wears a teddy bear head for some bizarre reason related to him being a super samurai. Mondo cool and quotable.

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