Monday, January 26, 2009

Fatwa Etiquette

I watched a documentary today called "THE BEAUTY QUEENS AND THE FATWA" where a reporter in Namibia who was writing on the Miss World competition in that country added a line to her report that referred to the prophet Mohammed and that he would probably had married one of the contestants if he was alive today. That got her issued a FATWA by her country's Imams much like the one give to my boy Salman Rushdie. That got me to thinking - does one receive some paperwork when one has a fatwa issued against them or is it all just verbal - because that is something I would love to be framing (especially if it has all the flourish like the one above). Are they only written in arabic or do they translate for non-arab speakers? Does it need to be noterized at a mosque? Are there degrees of fatwah or does fullfilling it automatically get you the maximum virgin payday? Do they go to the media to imform you of your impending doom or do you have to be in the mosque at the time to hear it first hand. Is it delivered and you have to sign for it like a registered letter? What IS the etiquette?

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