Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Cool Obama Image

This looks like its gonna be an eight year trend for me to display iconic Obama images and lets hope he gets to serve every day of those eight years. Most Presidents get 100 days of a honeymoon before the real critics come out of the woodwork but it seem that Fox News and conservative talk radio are already out to get Barack. All they are doing is showing their bias and hatred. If they truly loved their country they would see an atmosphere of co-operation as a positive way to pull the USA out of the mess George Bush has put them in. Idealogs who stick to their positions in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary are dangerous and primative. We can only hope to see them relagated to the 'dung heap of history' when, like cockroaches, they will be forced to run scurrying from the light. I pray for the day when the Anne Coulters of the world are shown to be the jokes that progressive thinkers know they are. Disagree with the man or his policies but don't automatically dismiss him because he doesn't drink your flavour of Kool-aid. Evolution is true, intelligent design is bunk. Have faith but temper it with science and rational analysis. Open your eyes to diversity and in that you shall find truth and TRUTH should be the personal goal of all.

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