Monday, January 5, 2009

Why Vigilante Is The Coolest Cowboy Ever

A cowboy superhero - does it really get better than this? Sure we could all be Batman if we were billionaires and could affort all the toys like the car and the utility belt. However, for my money, there is no cooler hero than Vigilante. Armed to the teeth and riding a Vesper just BEGGING the criminals on their hogs to mock his choice of transportation. I loved the way he protected his identity with his kerchief that NEVER falls off his face no matter how many times he gets into dust ups with bad guys. And why carry a guitar in a guitar case when you can fill it with guns and knives ala DESPERADO? - another fine western tale - (see what I did there?) I am also totally in love with that little wrist attatchment for the deranger that allows it to pop out on command. Who wouldn't want one or two of those even if you weren't a riverboat gambler. For my money, Vigilante has it all!

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