Thursday, January 1, 2009

Medieval Jousting Prints

Jousting always seems to me like a crazy sport. How insane is it to get on your pony with a long stick and race at another guy also holding a long stick. It just makes me want to scream "point that thing at someone else will ya?" It would be cool if I was the only one with the stick but I guess that defeats the whole purpose. I love these prints that are from a medieval version of Sports Illustrated. The way the knight in the forth print has a guy behind him to catch the helmet containing his head just must have filled him with confidence. They're not really trying to get more people involved in the sport with images like that are they? And I have this theory that Knights were the gay men of the middle ages with all the shiny bling to their outfits and the pom poms on their helmets. I mean everyone else was dirty and in rags. When they said the 'peasants are revolting' they really meant it. And like true fashinistas no two of them could have the same outfit or shield design. And the joust was like a slap fight between two hairdressers cause no one really died but honor was at stake...much like it is in the salon. I would have enjoyed designing my colors. I was always bothered that no one ever came up with either the Superman or Batman symbols. That would have been the shit, bitches! (I guess I should resolve to stop using that phrase now that its official 2009 and saying things are 'the shit, bitches!' is sooooo 2004.)

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Susan said...

What? Saying things are the shit, bitches is out now? Just when I finally started embracing it?!

*sob* <--- me crying..not calling you names ;o)