Friday, January 30, 2009

World Superhero Registry

From one of my favorite sites - OCCASIONAL SUPERHERO - comes word of a World Superhero Registry that documents people who try to do good in the world while wearing their costumes. I watched a documentary a while about called SUPER AMIGOS that document Luchadors in Mexico who wrestle but also respresent important social causes like homelessness, the environment, homophobia and animal rights. They wear their luchador masks 24/7 and in their country are often seen as celebrities and often the last hope for the poor. They are not fools and seriously dedicated to their cause. Inspirational. This World Superhero Registry is in the same vien. They even have a section of the web site that discusses the legal ramafications of taking the law into ones own hands. The tv show - TELEVISION MADE ME DO IT - shocased a cop in Miami that actually made himself into a superhero and patrols the beaches helping out where he can and actually has made several citizen's arrests and made quite a reputation for himself. I LOVE that stuff. Proves that you don't have to have a fortune like Bruce Wayne and alot of high tech gadgets to make a difference in the world. On the opposite side I keep thinking of that SNL skit where the kid becomes a superhero and on his first night out gets his ass kicked severely by the first person he confronts. Just like it would probably happen in real life. But I can see how the outfit could inspire others (like in Mexico where they have a strong tradition of Luchador hero worship)or just add excitement to the hum drum of normal life. Who knows what my future holds when I stop differentiating fantasy from reality.

"I am a man who will make a difference in this world. Some may call me a hero, a super-hero, a vigilante, or a nut job. I fight for all that is right and just. I protect the innocent and punish evil. I will drive myself self into the ground to help make this world a better place. I now only live my life for justice and the betterment of mankind."
-- Dark Guardian, real superhero


1. Mistakes are unacceptable when one is dealing with matters of Life and Death. Getting into a battle with a villain risks not only the lives of those involved, but those of anyone within range of their weapons.
2. Non-lethal means of apprehending a villain provide an essential safety-margin, although even non-lethal techniques can sometimes result in injury or death. Sound judgment is always essential to prevent tragedy.
3. Unless a Hero chances upon a major crime in progress, careful research and planning are essential to any action to be taken. Poor research and planning could result in trying to apprehend undercover law-enforcement officers and other undesirable outcomes.


1. Although it may be tempting to pursue petty criminals due to the ease with which they can be found, in many cases it does not truly serve the cause of justice, nor is it worth the risk.
2. Apprehending prostitutes saves no lives, protects no property, and does not significantly advance the cause of justice.
3. Apprehending casual drug users is also of limited value to society.
4. When confronted by an essentially victimless crime, the appropriate response is, more often than not, a stern lecture.

Superhero of Clearwater Florida - kick ass car and look. Love Love Love that personal action figure because lets be of the best things about being a superhero is to have an action figure made in our image.

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Tim Knight said...

Great article, Cal. Can you direct me to the Occasional Superhero site? My Google-Fu has failed me!