Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kid Notorious

I remember seeing several episodes of this series which only ran for nine episodes and tell the fictional story of movie producer Robert Evans (Chinatown, Godfather) who wrote an autobiograpy called THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE. He was pure Hollywood and has this way of speaking that seems to end each questions he asks with the answer "You bet your ass I did!" In the cartoon he plays himself (as super secret agent Kid Notorious) and lives at his beloved Hollywood estate called Woodland with his maid (Tollie Mae), his butler (English) and his pot smoking cat (Puss Puss). Of course his next door neighbor is SLASH of the rock band Guns and Roses and the two of them find themselves in various adventures. In real life they are actually best friends and real next door neighbors. HILARIOUS. I can never find it on You Tube or Google Video and would die to have the DVD of the nine episodes.

"Robert Evans has as many ex-wives as he does hit movies. But his talents go beyond movie producing--whether it's scaling the mountains of Nepal or toppling an evil dictator, he does it all without spilling a drop of his ever-present cosmopolitan. Everything in the Kid's life is a production."

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