Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Second Greatest Childhood Toy - Six Million Dollar Man

Now of course the price tag to create a modern bionic man would be in the billions but that didn't prevent the 70s model from being any less cool or futuristic. I loved the show (and the spin-off Bionic Woman) and especially the toys. I actually wanted an Oscar Goldman figure (complete with his bald head and tweed jacket) just because he came with an exploding briefcase. Or a Masketron because it came with many different face masks and in those days I was all about the disquises. They even created a bionic SASQUATCH!!!!! WOW! Never have red tracksuits been as cool. (Sorry hip hopsters)

"We can rebuild him...we have the technology."

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Scot said...

I had that one! Thanks for that post! What memories.

You're gonna' hate this, I bought Maskatron and Oscar at a department store going out of business sale for like two bucks each.