Saturday, January 3, 2009

Coolest Cake Ever

Okay I just want to take this picture into Safeway to get them to make me this cake. Yes I KNOW I am not FIVE and I never will be FIVE but it so worth it to pretend just to get to dig into this badboy. How come when I see things like this I feel that my parents didn't really love me. Shouldn't they have just known...made me the home made costumes from the simplicity design catalog and added a cape to each one of my shirts? I would have believed that they really just were protecting me from getting my ass kicked everyday but since I didn't get the cake I don't think they would have gone that far to protect me. After all, they DID steal me away from my real Gypsie parents. (Something I totally believed as a child - how else to explain my lost royal heritage as Prince of the Gypsies)

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