Friday, January 9, 2009

Iconic Obama

The Smithsonian will be hanging this picture of Obama in its museum on inauguration day as part of it permanent art display. And why not, it perfectly captures the spirit of the man in a cool and modern way. Created by street artist Shepard Fairey it has become THE image people think of when they think of the next President of the United States. And of course the true mark of any iconic image is found in its immitators. Like the great Christopher Walkin, Barack realizes that everything is made better with more cowbell.

And isn't it totally like Doom to co-op a popular image just for his own self promotion. No 'Hope' in that just "Look at me citizens of Latveria - I rock like Barack...Bitches." Its all about you isn't it Doom...nobody can get any attention other than Doom. Doom is the shit! Soooo typical.

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Susan said...

Why does nobody comment on this other than me? Because...with this blog entry I actually realize that I may love you...