Friday, January 16, 2009

If They Be Worthy...FOR ASGARD!!!!!

In honor of the newly released Hulk vs Thor this is the hammer that slew Frost Giants. The hammer that saved Midgard on multiple occasions and only those worthy enough can wield it. It is Mjolnir - the hammer of THOR. Only Captain America, Beta Ray Bill, Wonder Woman and Thor have been able to lift it. Forged by the Elves of Uru metal it is the most powerful weapon of Asgard. Aside from Captain America's shield I totally want this for my collection.

Mjolnir's enchantments

No living being can lift the hammer from the ground unless he or she is deemed worthy by Odin. The hammer, however can be lifted by machines such as robots.

The hammer returns to the exact spot from which it is thrown after striking its target. The hammer will also return to Thor's hand when summoned.

Its wielder may summon the elements of storm (lightning, wind, and rain) by stamping its handle twice on the ground. It can also be used to manipulate the weather on an almost global scale, as Thor once did at Spider-Man's request to spread a chemical agent around the world to counteract another set of chemicals released by Doctor Octopus that risked destroying the ozone layer.

Mjolnir is able to open interdimensional portals, allowing its wielder to travel to other dimensions, such as from Earth to Asgard. The hammer can also be used to create portals to travel great distances within the same dimension.

The hammer enables Thor to transform into the guise of a mortal, physician Donald Blake, by stamping the hammer's head to the ground once. When Thor transforms into Blake, his hammer takes the appearance of a wooden walking stick. When disguised, the hammer's enchantments limiting those who may lift it are not in effect. A previous provision of this enchantment used to require that the hammer could not be out of physical contact of Thor for more than one minute without his spontaneous reversion to his mortal self - this stipulation has since been removed. This enchantment is later transferred to Stormbreaker, the hammer of Beta Ray Bill. When Thor adopted the mortal persona of Jake Olson the stick was removed and Thor simply pounded his fist into the ground to effect a change.

Previously, Mjolnir could be swung in such a way as to generate chronal displacement inertia enabling its wielder to travel through time. This property, separate from the hammer's dimension-spanning ability, was removed by the entity Immortus with Thor's consent. Thor, however, has since been shown to be able to stop time with Mjolnir.

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Darius Whiteplume said...

I think Wonder Woman might have used it during the Marvel/DC crossover. Makes sense since she's an immortal.