Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Shouldn't Love This But I Do

We have know for awhile that brother Barack collected comic books when he was a kid and that Conan and Spider-Man were two of his favorite titles. No why wouldn't Marvel jump on the inaugeration band wagon and include this issue in next weeks output? And that two panel page inside? I would SOOOOO get the original art from Marvel and hang it in the oval office. What third world dictator would dare fuck with the US if they saw that he had Spidey in his back pocket. And if Spidey was hanging with the other heroes you KNOW he would just name drop all over that mutha. Please please please don't let me down Barack. Let down the nation, let down the world but you can't let me down. I can't take it. We will never love him more than we do right now. He even does that all so ethnic knuckle greeting with Spidey. How relavent to me and my generation. I have said it before but have never meant it more than I do now...BARACK IS THE SHIT, BITCHES! (Thank you Susan for suggesting that quote to me - God KNOWS I would never have come up with it on my own.)

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Susan said...

HEY!!!!! You totally stole my line! I said "Barak is the shit, BITCHES!!!" last night....

You owe me $2.50.