Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Questionaire

Just a neat little survey by my friends at LEAGUE OF MELBOTIS.

1) Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchett?
2) What song are you listening to on repeat these days?
3) Matt Damon or Daniel Craig?
4) Ninja or Samurai?
5) Are we being visited by intelligent extra-terrestrials? Why or why not?
6) Would you go see a new Conan movie? And would you be more or less likely to see it if they cast the Governor of California upon his exit from office?
7) Cardinals or Steelers?
8) If Jamie were to become a rapper, what would her name be? If she were a Dungeons & Dragons character (let's say an 11th level Fighter with a -1 Armor Class)?
9) What's at your house from Netflix right now? (if no Netflix, what will you most likely rent/ watch on InDemand next?)
10) Which animal do you get a little giddy at seeing at the zoo?

1. Kate Winslet because like Leonardo she totally moved away from Titanic which she had no reason to expect to be able to and emerge as a great actress.
2. Song on Repeat - Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care - the anthem for rock star wannabees and rock stars - captures the mindset perfectly. I want to throw a tv out of a hotel window everytime I hear it.
3. Daniel Craig because he has grown into his looks and Matt has several years and at least one motorcycle accident to do that.
4. Samurai because they are noble and honorable while ninjas are sneaky and disreputable. Hidding in shadows make your sins easy to brush off.
5. If aliens are visiting us they are turning around and leaving soon after. We don't even like each other and we would mess up anything that is not of this planet if they ever made themselves known to us. And if they tasted like chicken? We would Kentucky Fry their asses so QUICK!
6. I would see the new Conan if it was played by some unknown muscle bound maniac who perfectly captured the look like Arnold did.
7. Neither Cardinals or Steelers because professional sports are a drain on the psychie of a nation.
8. Honey Glaze would be her rapper name and her dungeon and dragon name and conveniently her bond girl and porn star name.
9. The Escapist and Waltz with Bashir are the last two films I watched.
10. The polar bears always make me squeel like a little girl.

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