Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Felis Catus

Watched a documentary today about the origins of the domesticated cat who are by far my favorite animal. Like you would have guessed they trace their origins to the fertile crescent that includes the area around the Tigres and Eurphrates rivers and the Nile and coincidentally where man first stopped being hunter gatherers and formed cities and the first grand civilizations. A scientist named Dr Lions (I know..funny) determined through cat DNA that this was were kitties and man first hooked up. Egyptian grain farmers and cats found mutual advantage in living together and it was that civilization that elevated the animal to near god status. A nearly perfect predatory animal, cats are noble creatures who protect my soul from many things the least of which are mummies. Have I ever been attacked by a mummy? No...because I own a cat. Now like Lisa Simpson you might call this specious reasoning but I don't see it that way. Cats rule and dogs drool. The scientists noted correctly that cats choose us and we don't choose them. Long live our furry brothers.

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