Friday, January 16, 2009

Worst Supervillian Name Ever

My buddy sent me some DVDS with weird Japanese television on them and included were some game shows, live action Spiderman and live action Sailor Moon. The Spiderman was especially weird as he called a Transformer like robot to aid him whenever he really got into trouble just like it happened in the American comics (arghhh). He also wears a laptop on his wrist that for some reason couldn't be reduced in size. The live action Sailor Moon is perhaps the greatest thing I have even seen though a blonde Japanese heroine without those big manga eyes just loses something in the translation. I am, however, a fan of those cute little sailor suits they wear. Thats a sick culture that dresses their girls like that for school. (I don't make the rules I just enjoy them). Moon prism power doesn't work if I can see your panties when you do cartwheels or maybe that is the point. Watching an episode reminded me of the lamest villian name ever - Tuxedo Mask - he wears a tuxedo and he wears a mask. With logic like that he could partner with Rubber Boot Cowboy Hat or Underpants Goggles. Then they would rule the world (double arghhhh). They use an animated kitty for Luna but I suppose painting a real kitty blue would have had PETA down on them.

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