Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Viva Zorro!

These covers by Mike Mahew are just gorgeous and perfectly capture what makes the FOX so cool. Before there was a Batman, Zorro was the true hero of the night who protected the peasants in California at the turn of the century from the evile Spaniards who would exploit them. The Mask of Zorro starring Antonio Banderas will show up soon in this blog as one of my favorite films. The visual is just so striking and reminds me of a time when you needed skill with a sword and a whip if you wanted to kill a man or keep from getting killed yourself. The guns took forever to reload so were not an effective weapon (guns are for pussies anyways). When you combine the cape with the mask you have one of the best hero looks ever. And where is my horse Tornado when I need to make a sillouette against a full moon? Hey, that gives me an idea...black horse Tornado and white horse Silver. I gotta write me a Lone Ranger/Zorro crossover for Dynamite Comics. Work in Tonto's horse Scout and Brisco County's Comet the wonder horse and we got a classic in the making. Because we all know that without a great horse you do not have a great cowboy.

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