Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best Episode Ever!

Homer - "Boy that John is great. We should have him and his wife over for drinks sometime."

Marge - "I don't think he's married."

Homer - "Oh, a swinging bachelor eh? Well, there are lots of foxy ladies around."

Marge - "Didn't he seem a bit 'festive' to you?"

Homer - "Yeh, great guy, life of the party."

Marge - "HOMER, He prefers the company of MEN!"

Homer - Well who DOESN'T??


Sam G said...

Great episode. My favorite quote is:
Homer: Hang onto that hat, toyboy, you might need it when it starts raining naked ladies!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...


Bart - "Dad, why did you take me to a gay steel mill?"

Homer - "I don't know!"

Wings1295 said...


Nathan said...

I saw John Waters last week, and he mentioned how someone had rated this as the best episode. It isn't my personal favorite (if pressed to it, I'd probably pick "Bart Sells His Soul"), but I can't very well fault anyone for choosing it.