Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cool Image Of The Week / TV Times Update

I thought BSG was totally overrated but that is maybe because the ending really let me down. It looked like it was building to something then just flattened out. It's hard to live up to the promise of some great individual episodes but that is what happens when you invest time in a show. Few of the great ones ever give you the payoff you have earned by being a long time fan.

The 'Wire' gave a great shock with the way Omar died but ended like it was suppose to - life in Baltimore just goes on.

The 'Soprano's' tried to get cute with their ending so it left us with a 'love it or hate it' feeling. No half way. Personally I hated it. I felt cheated.

'Lost' never grabbed me because I just KNEW all that mythology was not going to pay off in the end. I know I am taking a risk with 'Fringe' but I am willing to take a chance just to see that terrific cast every week.

'Flashforward' is quickly sinking into 'Lost' territory. I am asking too many questions in my head despite the regular information about the over arching conspiracy that is released every episode. When the answers only bring about more questions, it is never good for the viewer.

'Law and Order' has fallen into routine and I actually am preferring an Australian cop drama called 'City Homicide'. Great stories and great police characters. It's old school but more realistic than the fancy procedural minutia we have with the CSI franchises.

Both 'NCIS' shows are good because like 'The Mentalist' CHARACTER is what is most important. Though I really am getting tired of Tony's childishness on NCIS. I want Ziva to just put him down hard.

If you can catch it, the CBC show 'The Border' is a strong program about a unit that protects the Canada/US border from terrorists. Again, it is more realistic about what can be done and is being done today with stories right out of the newspapers.

'Flashpoint' does the same excellent job showing us the inner workings of a big city S.W.A.T. team - this time the big city being Toronto which they make little effort in concealing. It also has Amy Jo Johnson in it and I lurv her.

'V' has already lost me. Most days I just want to laugh and thankfully there are some great sitcoms like 'The Middle', 'Modern Family', '30 Rock', 'Parks and Rec' and even 'Castle' for that. With 'Burn Notice' and '24' returning (OH PLEASE - don't put Jack's granddaughter in peril) we are enjoying one of the strongest years for TV in a long time. To bad we have to wait for the summer for a new season of 'Warehouse 13'. Time for a marathon of the first season before that starts up again.


Megan said...

I still have hopes for Lost. Maybe because I have to wait until February for them to begin the beguine of perishing in flames?

brigitte said...

yeah city homicide is real good i love Unit One from denmark its out of production now, Cold Case is another fave the music is alwaysa nice twist but if i watch csibones or any of those tech ones i like to end the day with The First 48 Hours so remember d reality of crime n punishment