Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Greatest Room Divider EVER!

Its not that it's made of albums but it's because of what SPECIFIC albums are there. I sees me some Dean Martin and especially Harry Belafonte. I would listen to that Calypso record of his in my youth for hours. When it played I WAS from the Caribbean baby. And we would sing...

"Come Mr Tallyman, tally me banana...daylight come and me want throw up"

- k those weren't totally the real words but they always sounded funny to me. Loved singing that song back when I did drink and sing a lot. Some jukebox somewhere always had a great old tune like that shook everyone up a bit and got them to forget who they were and where they were at for a moment.

- or we would break into one of the old negro spirituals..."I meant a song, a REAL song"...

- Me and my roommate in University would smoka a bit of the ganja and make up our own songs. We imagined our reggae hits album to have us on the cover wearing those beaded hat they all wear and some of our songs were titled...

'I Feel It In My Pocket'
'I Left It At My Bitches'

and the classic - 'Yes It's Me Mon'.

- Then one of us would have to ask the other - "Hey Mon, are we planning to sit around here all evening?" And the other would reply - "No Mon, we not planning it, we just doing it."

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Wings1295 said...

Well, I do like the room divider. :)