Sunday, December 27, 2009

Did You Notice?

It's a tradition around the Cave of Cool to watch 'The Sound of Music' at this time of year. I know the songs and moments by heart and half the fun is the anticipation of the moments I remember. However, today I saw something I never noticed before.

You all know the scene where the Von Trapp kids put on a puppet show - THE MOST ELABORATE PUPPET SHOW EVER IN PRE-WAR AUSTRIA? Let's forget for a second the EXPENSE of the the puppets and the theatre and just focus on how detailed and choreographed the whole production is. It would take a team of professional puppeteers the likes of Jim Henson and Frank Oz the better part of a month to put something that complex together. Sure the kids WERE Austrian and they did have Julie Andrews to help put it together but COME ON - I just laughed the whole time as it got more and more detailed as the song continued and they pulled it off without a hitch.

I have seen the musical on stage a few times but can't remember how the puppet show looks on stage or even if it's part of the stage musical. If it is I bet it has taken the sanity of more than one director in it's day. The whole thing was wonderfully insane.

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