Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Stan Lee

Next to my father, no man had more of a hand in raising me as Stan Lee did. Alot of my values come from the comics I read as a child. I spent many hours in my large leather chair escaping from the real world reading about the characters that he created. Geek culture never had a better and more spirited spokesman. Despite all the ups and downs of the business in the past 50 years he has remained the one thing you could believe in. To me, he's a larger than life figure and the person I would most like to have lunch with.

A few years back Kevin Smith interviewed him and I devoured those DVDs. You could see his eyes sparkle when he talked about topics he must have been asked about a thousand times or more. He made you proud to be a comic fan. It was HIS vision that allowed EVERYONE who creates today to have the medium of comics to work in. HE is the reason we can be proud to call these funny books literature now.

I can't ever remember anyone having anything bad to say about him. He was always more than a gentleman to anyone who came up to him and reminded him of what we all know - that he is 'THE MAN' and one of the good ones. Happy 87th birthday Stan Lee - Excelsior!

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cerebus660 said...

Lovely tribute! Many happy returns (for yesterday) for The Man.