Monday, December 28, 2009

Show Of The Decade - The Daily Show

I never miss this one. It seems sometimes that the only one with the balls to call out the liars and cheaters in the world is a comedian and actor who found his niche to the delight of anyone with a brain. He is no lightweight and you view him as such at your peril. Jon Stewart has changed the game by making those in power fear his snark and biting wit. Sure he has a whole staff of writers to fall back on but you can't deny the brilliance of his old school interview style. To see him challenge and eviscerate the pompous is a beautiful thing to witness.

"In a quiet, unassuming way, this guy from the previous generation has become the symbol of many of the things our generation is all about: logic, skepticism and political change through merciless teasing. And the fact that most of our elders call us "the worst generation" for relying on a comedy program for our news, while we call them "the insanest generation" for creating an environment in which a comedy program is one of the more reliable sources of news, seems like one of the more interesting conflicts of the decade."