Friday, December 25, 2009

That Is Just Great!

It's bad enough that these raptors have razor sharp teeth, huge brains, quick feet, and hunt in packs but now they have found ones that are VENOMOUS too? That is just messed up. One animal should only be allowed so many advantages while it tracks me across the open field when I go on a time travel picnic. I should have something besides opposable thumbs to give me at least a FIGHTING CHANCE. I love the description given by science guy.

"So archaeologists recently discovered that Sinornithosaurus, a turkey-sized raptor that lived around 128 million years ago in modern China, was venomous and would paralyze its prey before OM NOM NOMing the shit out them with it's razor sharp teeth."

"You're in the forest," says Burnham, part of a team that recently documented the beast's venomous abilities. "You can't really see what's behind you. ... You may hear something in the leaves, but by the time you turn around it's too late.

"It jumps on your back, embeds its teeth in your tissues and within a minute you're into toxic shock, and just lay helpless as this thing devours you."

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