Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If He's Not Bending The Rules He Is Breaking Them

I assumed he pulled this stunt to remind me of who REALLY was in charge around the house and that he KNEW people who could make my life 'uncomfortable' as it were. Its been very cold outside so he's got to stay inside which he doesn't like one bit. After all, he has his 'route' to cover around the neighborhood. He's a sweet cat but when he feels slighted he really holds a grudge. I can't help it if he has no concept whatsoever of what the word SEASONS means. I thought bringing DEATH over to the house was a bit harsh though. Threatening a fat guy who puts bacon even in his cereal with the Grim Reaper is not funny at all. In the end we reached a compromise and I took the picture so he could have it to post on my computer screen whenever I get all 'controlling' and 'up in his grill'. My kitty is so street.

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