Thursday, December 31, 2009

Love Me My Talk Radio

Alan Colmes - "I just want to shoot myself in the head listening to callers like this guy."

Producer Joel - "Don't do that, we have another hour to go in the show."

Alan Colmes - "Not in some markets."

A caller tonight made the point that I have thought about for awhile. The guy who shoot all those soldiers at Fort Hood and the 'underwear bomber' were both sexually frustrated Muslims who were looking for girls. They say they want the 'perfect' Muslim woman but in truth they want what all men want - a girl who puts out (a Madonna in the kitchen but a whore in the bedroom). Then they get together with their other buddies that aren't getting any and work each other up by blaming the wrong people for their 'issues'. I know if I prayed five times a day and my god didn't send me a piece of sweet then I would be a crazy bomber too. So maybe instead of sending troops we should be sending prostitutes to the Middle East.

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