Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Great Escape

"Just talking with my buddy the Tiger Mr Zoo keeper. Nothing suspicious going on. Oh THIS shirt? If you MUST know I was just about to wrap it for your birthday. Way to ruin the surprise. Why is the zebra waving at me from the van on the other side of that fence over there? Who knows with zebras these days. Am I riiiiight?"


vancouver mark said...

That picture is pure beauty, and your little story was hilarious. (But you could have had the bear make a reference to pickinic baskets.)

And the phote was a hit around here. My wife is sort of a feline south-central asian and I've always called her my Tigress.
I'm a big doofus white guy and she's always called me her Bear.
I didn't think of that until she looked at your blog and said "it's us! It's us!"

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

See I thought of the picnic basket reference but he wasn't wearing the hat or the tie. I though people would miss the reference since the guy also wasn't dressed as Ranger Smith. But I do loves me some Yogi Bear...hilarious cartoons.

What a totally cool thing to hear about you and your wife. That just makes my day.

Stop doing things like that because I might start liking you and we just can't be changing the nature of our relationship all willy nilly. I have kinda gotten used to hating you for the honest ways that you always set me straight.I hope you are just lulling me into a false sense of security so you can call me a godless perv the next time I post a picture of Selena...and post one I shall.

vancouver mark said...

Perv, you, yes, definitely. Leave that little girl alone.
Godless? No, I still got hope for you.

or maybe I am justing lulling you into that sense of false security so I can get you out here to the coast where you will be more accessible to my cephala - - -

Nah, forget that last bit. Just, yeah, I still got hope for you.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I think Selena is old enough to make the decision for herself. And if she turns out to BE God then I am just ahead of the curve. Think about it. Would God disquise himself as Selena or Courney Love if he had the powers?

Yup, had you pegged right as a stinkin' octopus lover. Bet thats how you got those sucker marks all over your neck don't you. How does your wife deal with your duel 'alliegences'?

And as for trapping me and unleashing your little 'friends' on me I remind you of what Homer said to Ned Flanders when Ned threatened to kill him. "Work your way up to the big dog. Start in the kid's department."