Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fag Stag? Who Me?

All the best women hang out with gay men. How anyone can be offended about two guy holding hands was something I never understood. More girls for me to strike out with. Gay men are also the BEST wing men you can ever have - they LOVE women. (said it before - ladies, get your hair cut by a gay men because women hate women and will never give you a good style) and they want their non-gay friends like me to get lucky. Why should they be having all the sex? Gay men are also funny as hell and the 'cattiest' bitches on the planet. I had a buddy who would sit with us at the University bar we attended and his comments about all the people walking by would have me spitting out my drink every time. To watch a table of these guys riff back and forth on each others clothing, hair, or general personalities is better than any sitcom out there. So my whole point is stop being a hater if you are 'anti-gay'. I promise that the first time you see that the humanity of a gay person is just the same as yours, you will never be bigoted against them any more. You have nothing to be afraid of by such thing like gay marriage. Why should only straits be miserable in their unions?

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Wings1295 said...

All well said. People are people.