Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hamsters Are Evile Too

They are closely related in size so it should be of no suprise to anyone that I dislike hamsters as much as squirrels. If it wasn't for their own inbred racism against each other they would team up and rule the world. This panel from the concistantly good comic FABLES sums up my opinion of hamsters. Why that little creature is wearing a spagetti strainer on his head is beyond me but it somehow is a conduit to the pool of universal truth. I know when I wear the spagetti strainer everything just seems to make more sense. You would think they could allow us to predict where these squirrels were getting the matches they use to start fires because then we could stop them before they do any more damage. Just caught this story from the London Times...

The rodents are believed to have gnawed their way through cables, sparking the blaze at the property belonging to former MP Lord Mayhew on Wednesday afternoon. Firefighters battled the flames for almost two hours at the two-storey cottage in Goudhurst, near Cranbrook, Kent, currently inhabited by tenants. Lord Mayhew told the Kent Messenger: "The fire broke out in a void behind an airing cupboard and the most probable cause was squirrels chewing through cables." A spokeswoman for Kent Fire and Rescue Service estimated about 90% of the first floor and roof void had been "severely damaged". "The rest of the property was damaged by smoke and heat," she said. But Lord Mayhew said he was confident restoration of the 1890s property is possible. Four rescue crews attended the fire at 12.39pm. No one was injured in the blaze. The spokeswoman added that the cause of the fire was as yet unknown but squirrels chewing wires, and the wires igniting, "does sometimes happen".

They didn't chew through ANYTHING...they spread the accelerant and lit the matches. This picture proves my point. Like any good arsonists they sparked the blaze and sat in the neighbor's tree watching the building burn while singing Kumbaiya. Thats how sick these bushytailed firebugs are. It doesn't surprise me that a British chip company (oh I am sorry CRISPS company) is coming out with a flavour they call CAJUN SQUIRREL. I kid you not.

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Susan said...

In my family, we wear a colander on our heads when we don't want somebody talking about us in the third person.