Friday, April 29, 2011

Classic Comedy - Three Amigos

I feel ancient today. I found out that 'The Three Amigos' is 25 years old this year. I feel like I first saw this comedy gem last week. Over at Cultural Compulsive Disorder, my boy Mike D did his own post about the film. It is a hilarious western with Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Chevy Chase, doing some of the best work in their careers.

My friends have this game where we give out our own Oscars to characters in movies who have small parts but they do the most with the few lines they are given. The way that Heffe uses psychology ("I know that I, Heffe, do not have your superior intellect or education. But could it be, that once again, you are made at something else and are looking to take it out on me?") to cheer up El Guapo is some of the best stuff that has ever been written for a move. Perfectly delivered too.

If you have let this movie pass you buy I encourage you to seek it out. I have seen it often and even though I know the script by heart, I still laugh at the same lines and gags everytime I see them.


Karen said...

OMG u just made me feel ancient...25 years? DANG! This is one of my faves for sure. I love this movie to pieces!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've never seen this movie. Have I mentioned before that the 80's were a blur for me? Oh well, another one to put on my "to see" list. Thanks for the recommendation.

Lazarus Lupin said...

Love the musical interlude at the catina!!

Lazarus Lupin
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