Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cool Citizen Watch Advertising

When I saw this on 'Super Punch' I was impressed with how slick and futuristic the whole ad looked. I have never seen the manga they reference but now I want to AND I want to have one of those slick Citizen watches. All this from a guy who doesn't wear a watch and generally has no concept of time.


This film is the result of collaboration between CITIZEN and the animated series APPLESEED XIII. Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE draws its energy from light and receives signals from navigation satellites to display accurate time. Through the medium of animation, one of Japan’s leading cultural exports, the film encapsulates the world view that inspired this watch.

Dawn breaks over Olympus, a solar-powered city of the future.
Time signals stream down from space. The leading characters of APPLESEED XIII, Deunan and Briareos, sprint through the city. The hands of Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE on their arms move in unison as they receive accurate time signals from navigation satellites. Time signals stream down from space to every corner of the earth.


M. D. Jackson said...

Very cool. But what's with the mecha-bunny?

Kal said...

I have no idea. I admit that I am not as up on my anime/magna as I should be but it was either go all in or live around the fringes of Japanese animation.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

This ad confuses me. First of all, who the hell under the age of 40 wears a watch anymore? No one. Second of all, Citizen watches are traditionally pretty cheapo watches. I smell the stink of desperation.

Anonymous said...

In Japan, anime represents a traditional, valid entertainment medium and thus, it is used as a commercial extension. So instead of having some X-Factor celebrity judge selling you random products, you get Goku & Co. doing it. At least, in the case of Citizen and Appleseed, the collaboration is somewhat logical and the subsequent result, interesting and creative. A well-known futuristic series with more than 25 years-worth of stories behind it is an original way of attracting customers. The product (at least in the minds of many Japanese men) will be associated to Deunan and Briareos' qualities.
Cal, great blog (meant to tell you this for a long time)! Make sure to watch the '04 Appleseed film and the '07 Appleseed Ex Machina. They're a good start (more so than XIII...).

Kal said...

Thanks for that comment argileye. I am fascinated by Japan and how unique their culture is with respect to popular entertainment and advertising. It's so different than anything we have here in North America. They know how to entertain. I have been thinking for a long time to put out the call as to what anime I should start watching after I get through and caught up with the new 'Dr. Who' episodes. Of course I have seen 'Akira' and way too many episodes of 'Sailor Moon' (Tuxedo Mask??? He wears a tuxedo and wears a mask and you call him Tuxedo Mask???) and the Myazaki stuff but that is it.