Saturday, April 23, 2011

Max Neptune And The Menacing Squid - Chapter 2

I am really enjoying this homage to the serials of old. For an independant production the look is impressive. I know I will be watching and posting each chapter as they come available.


Max said...

Thank you for choosing to post our chapters on your website. We had a lot of fun making the movie and now releasing it in a serial format. If you are interested, there are nifty Max Neptune tshirts available on:

Kal said...

I am glad you left that comment Max - it reminded me to check for other clips and post them daily for as long as they last. The love you and your team have for the era and the sensibilities of the genre really comes through. I really appreciate the attention to the little details.

To be totally honest with you I was an easy sell once I saw that Max would have to deal with the same stupid cephalods that have forever been the bain of my existence.

Max said...

Kal-El! Its those tentacles! There is just something so creepy about those squirmy slimy things with little tiny teeth on the suction cups that gives the heebyjeebies! We at Galactic Broadcast Company have always appreciated your desire in perpetuating the soul of independent filmmaking! It takes a lot of adversity sometimes to break on through the otherside and it feels great to experience that victory! For instance, Shorts TV Channel has decided to broadcast us, September 24th, Saturday, at 9pmPT/12amET). They are found on Direct TV, Dish Network and At&t U-verse! Here is the link to our schedule on their website!

You have been a big help! We look forward to more of your madness!