Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Doesn't Surprise Me One Damn Bit

Those Teletubbies were always hating on other races and calling us genetically 'inferior' stock. Got to give them credit, however, for seeing which way the wind was blowing back in 1930s Germany and tying their destiny to what looked like the Nazi winning team.

By 1945 they re-evaluated their alliagences and could tell the winds were changing again and defected to Great Britain along with the entire war plan Hitler had devised for a second Battle of Britain. Stinkin' opportunists are no more than collaborators in my book.

They should have been sent to the Nuremberg trials and hung after being found guilty. One of the true great injustices of the 20th century. Their single contribution to the Cold War space program - put food in toothpaste tubes so it wouldn't float all around the capsule. Well DUH, we could have figured that without their help.


D.I. Felipe González said...

I can't believe they are collaborationists.
They are so cute and good when I have insomnia!

Kal said...

Their bright and breezy stoner lifestyle is the trap. Once they get you below for some 'tubby toast' you are finished. Unable to move they are free to experiment on you with that diabolical vacuum cleaner of theirs. People check in but they never check out. All the while the laughing baby in the sky mocks our pain.

M. D. Jackson said...

The Nuremberg Trials would have had a whole different tone if they'd managed to get those freaks onto the stand.

Cruella Collett said...

I actually AM surprised. I always suspected the teletubbies would have been placed on the other side of the concentration camp fence. The Nazis didn't much like different-looking and/or acting people, after all. And it is a well-known fact that Tinky-Winky is gay. Another "NO" in the "Nazi book of Do's".

Professor Chaos said...

I always suspected that they were secretly evil

Rex Venom said...

Evil knows no limit
Rock on!