Thursday, April 21, 2011

If You Remember This Then You Are My People


Sarah said...

I love rotary phones! I actually had one for awhile when I still had a landline. Drove my bf nuts because the ringer was so loud (because it's an actual bell!)

Mine was yellow with a duck in the center of the dialer. My Nana even had a rotary wall phone.

Kal said...

I had a red one that I kept under a bell jar on my desk when I was a teenager. It was pretty cool to think that each time it rang that Gotham City needed my help. True story.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Not only do I remember rotary phones, I remember no-rotary phones -- when you had to pick up the receiver and get the operator to connect you. We had a party line too. Our little town in Manitoba was the last one in the entire province to get rotary dials in the early 70s.

Kal said...

That small Manitoba town wasn't named Sundown or Vita by any chance? Our family farm is right in the middle between those two 'places' that are so small that town doesn't really describe them. But compared to the farm they were the big city. I rememeber that party line. My aunt would evesdrop on people's conversation all the time. Better than television for entertainment.

Paladin said...

The only reason that I regret dropping out land line is that I can no longer use my old dial phones. I've got two old rotary phones from the 1930's and a candlestick phone that I had hooked up to work.

+1 on the loud assed ringer :) You could hear my Automatic Electric wall phone outside in the driveway when it rang in the kitchen.

Tim Knight said...

My late father used to work for British Telecom (over here in the UK and before it was called British Telecom or BT) and so our house had plenty of this style of phone.

I, too, always wanted a candlestick phone, but I can't imagine now I'd have the patience to dial every number like that ;)

DrGoat said...

I remember our first telephone number: EAst5-9970. They changed it to 325-9970 sometime in the 60s, I think.

D.I. Felipe González said...

Clic, clic, clic,clic,clic,.
Was my parent´s number.