Friday, April 29, 2011

Just Because She Is Made By Barbie

I am calling this Carol Ferris doll an action figure and you can't do anything about that.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

There was a court case a few years back to legally define the difference between action figures and dolls. Regardless of target demographic, intent for style of play, the ultimate outcome was that action figures were defined as "nonhuman characters" thus allowing Toy Biz to argue that their Marvel Comics licensed characters were action figures, because those characters possessed powers and physiques that were not human.

In other words, Barbie is a perfect template for the human body, but Spider-Man and the X-Men are filthy abominations because they were not made in God's image!!

The case even got its own Wiki article here:

As a brief aside, I do have to wonder why boy's toys are so small and yet girl's toys are so big. Shouldn't be the other way around? Girls get Barbie convertibles and we got micro machines and tiny little Hot Wheels cars. The Star Wars action figures I played with as a kid, could be matched in height by a stick of Juicy Fruit and were all made from the same plastic while this Carol Ferris toy looks like her articulate outfit is made of many different textures!

I feel gipped!

Kal said...

Don't get me started about the size of action figures. I could have had an original set of Star Wars figures but I hate the small size of them. I was raised with GI Joes, Big Jim, and Megos that were at least 8 inches high and had cloth outfits. In fact I would bet that less than 1 percent of figures in my collection are the 3 3/4' standard. The play value of those small figures cannot compare to the larger one. I was given several of the new Marvel Universe 3 3/4 inch figures but I will not buy any for myself. Not when I just was collecting the 6 inch Marvel Legends figure with all their accessories and articulation.

Kal said...

And didn't I see last week of a life sized model built to Barbie's actual dimensions. The result was something that really didn't look quite human.

M. D. Jackson said...

MEGO figures were the best! I had 'em all (well, almost all. I even had Fonzie from Happy Days!) Now I have but a single one -- the fourth Doctor -- he still has his jacket and scarf but has long since lost his hat and sonic screwdriver.

Kal said...

It was the cloth costumes on the Mego figures that sold it for me. I still have my Spider-man and carried him with me when we moved from Germany back to Canada. My Evel Knievel figure survived the trip in my carry-on too. They were all I had left after the boxes from my room went missing and with them all the action figures, sets, and vehicles I had as a kid. As many action figures as I have now, it still doesn't fill that whole in my heart for what I lost.