Tuesday, September 28, 2010

60 Second Stories By Kal - The Poppy

I love it when I get comments from way way back in the the Cave of Cool way back post machine. It' shows that new followers were entertained enough to keep reading backwards or start from the beginning and enjoy the full evolution of my blog. That is very cool. When I went back to comment on what he had said about a post last February, I found this story and it was perfect for my "60 Second Stories" theme. So Enjoy even if you have read it before.

When I was a teen I was an Air Cadet. We did alot of fundraising for various organizations like the Canadian Legion who sell poppy pins around our Remembrance Day. Its how we honor our war dead. The poppy flowers grew wild in Belgium where alot of Canadians fought and died during the first World War. A Poem, 'In Flanders Field' is one of those all Canadian kids learn and memorize.

"In Flanders Field, the poppies grow, among the crosses, row on row..."

Now one cold November night we were downtown Brandon, Manitoba outside the fanciest hotel catching people as they come and went getting their donations in exchange for a poppy. I was with my buddy.

Suddenly we heard a voice behind us ask if she could have one. We both turned around and saw what to my eyes, was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Right in front of us she stood, gorgeous long golden red hair, greenest of green eyes, lips like the reddest cherries and wearing a knee long golden fur coat with brown leather boots that gave her more height than us.

If we were cartoon characters our eyes would have done that BOING thing. And yes, other things were 'boinging' as well.

She dropped a twenty is our can and asked my friend if he could pin it on her lapel. As she said that she opened her coat to access it and underneath she was naked. I swear her skin glowed and of course the rest of her was perfect - Michelangelo perfect. We even caught a glimpse of her body perfume. It was like dying in a flower store.

She was not being a tease, but she knew exactly what she was doing. I think she thought two young soldier boys in their sharp uniforms working a good cause in the cold was worth a quick memory searing moment. She was right. Oh, did I mention the boots were thigh high and folded over at the top like pirate boots.

He pinned the poppy, she did up the buttons and got into a cab and drove out of our lives forever.

Later on we realized she must have been doing some of the 'lord's work' at the hotel because about a half hour later a limo pulled up and took our provincial PREMIER, who we recognized, from the hotel. Even at 15 we could put 6 and 9 together. Lucky Bastard. But he had MY vote in the future for damn sure.

So now when I see any pair of boots on a woman I think of that moment. I HATE when women wear high heels in porn movies and leave them on when they get completely naked but the boots are just fine. She could have a burlap potato sack as lingerie as long as she invests in the boots


M. D. Jackson said...

That's an inspiring story, Cal.

D.I. Felipe González said...

Nice story Cal!

Contemplating Cadie said...

Okay, So prude as I am, I actually enjoyed this... although it totally ruined the boot shopping I've been planning to do.

Kal said...

Get those rubber gumboots and that should fullfill you needs on the ranch without being too sexy. Opps there goes another follower.

Contemplating Cadie said...

What are you talking about? My much boots are the sexiest thing I own! Or so sais my husband, the cotton farmer.

Contemplating Cadie said...

When is blogger going to add an edit button to comments? Let's lobby!

I meant muck boots.

M. D. Jackson said...

I love women in boots. I've bought my wife several pairs of boots that are very sexy and completely impractical.

I need to get her a pair of thigh-high pirate boots. Hmmmmmmm. Thigh highhhh... pirate boootsss...

Did I mention that I love women in boots?

Kal said...

Since that day my love for women in boots has never wavered.