Friday, September 24, 2010

TV Times New Season - Part One

The start of the latest television season is underway and I almost felt overwhelmed by all the shows, new and returning, that I had to watch. Here are some of my observations.

Outsourced - new series about a guy sent to India to run a call center that sells novelty products like fake dog poop and fake vomit. The characters are all this side of quirky and there is alot about the differences between American and Indian culture that can be mined for big laughts. Plus the sight of some really attractive Indian women in the cast never hurts my eyes.

I laughted out loud many times, especially at the big Sihk with a turban who gets up and storms out of the room without saying a word. No reason - just gets up and leaves the room pissed off. I hope I never find out why he does that. - VERDICT - quirky + funny = return viewing

Shit My Dad Says - new series about a son who loses his job and has to move in with his father played by William Shatner. Another example of the superb comic timing of Shatner who went from being the butt of the joke to being IN on the joke. Another show where I laughed out loud many times especially when Bill was in the DMV trying to get his licence renewed (Bill - "You seem like a very nice HOMOsexual" DMV worker - "Yes, I like to think so.") Strong writing in this one. Running gags like the 'racoon' and the 'girl scouts' made this one a winner for me. - VERDICT - Shatner + funny = return viewing

Criminal Minds - One of my favorite shows on TV with truly excellent acting and writing that keeps me riveted to the screen each week with it's realism. Sometimes the terrible situations the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI are investigating are so horrible and sad (especially when they involve children) that I want to turn off the TV but I don't because I want to see the good guys win and often they do not. The way the cases affect the agents personally are never just glossed over.

Often quest stars (like the recent emmy worthy performance of Tim Curry as a serial killer - I actually had sympathy for the bastard at the end) outshine the regulars and that is really a compliment to how good the acting on this show is. The child actor on last night's show (who played a victim kidnapped by the Curry's murderous character) was fantastic. She was smart and brave and when required made that ONE tear fall down her cheek in the final shot. VERDICT - great writing and acting = never miss an episode

The Middle/Modern Family - Both returning for their second season. In my mind I always associate one with the other because they are a strong hour of family comedy on Wednesday nights. I love Sue the middle girl child on The Middle because of the way she fails so spectacularly while keeping a smile on her face and in her heart. It's funny because you want her to succeed so much but she just NEVER does. How can she when her parents messed up giving her a middle name on her birth certificate so her full name is Sue Sue Hecht.

Modern Family has possible the strongest writing of any sitcom in many years and all the characters were strong in episode one - nome more so than Gloria who had to deal with her son Manny's love for a girl other than her. I love the way she gets all hot and bothered but is honest when she is wrong. That look on her face when she realizes that SHE was the one who misinterpreted someone's intentions is too funny. Verdict - strongest hour of comedy on TV - never miss


Budd said...

I enjoyed outsourced more than I thought I would. It was actually pretty funnny, but I wonder how long before it will get old.

I agree completely on Middle and Modern Family, but did you watch the stinker that came on in between them.

Wings1295 said...

We haven't watched Outsourced yet, still on the DVR.

But #$%# My Dad Says was pretty decent, if not great. Better than I heard/thought it was gonna be.

The Middle & Modern Family were great, as usual. Love that Sue's name is Sue Sue Heck. Hah!

The Invisible Seductress said...

Modern Family has become one of my faves...girl crush on Sofia V!!!!

ooh la laaa

Kal said...

I didn't watch what was between M and MF, Budd. Is it new or was it Cougar Town which I just can't force myself to look at.

Sophia is great TS, and a very funny comedic actress.

Ravyn said...

I agree with all of your comments! :) We must share a brain! Since I do not like Shatner at all (ever!) I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it - funny! Thanks for sharing.