Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fringe - Season Three

The first ten minutes were a pure joy to watch as once again we see our beloved Olivia being stronger and braver than she ever has had to be. They made a big mistake if they don't think that she will exploit the first mistake those who are holding her prisoner make and she will escape and find a way back to our side of the rift. Then the faux Olivia on our side (who is no way smart enough to fool Peter and Walter forever) will get the punishment she deserves.

Oh yeh, Olivia's free but not happy and going crazy. This is going to be freaky fun to watch everything play out. I like the cabbie with a conscience too. He was great in 'The Wire' I just can't remember his name. So here we go. Just nobody fuck it up. Abbrams and Fox have the worst track record when it comes to shows I enjoy.


Laura said...

I was happy with the premier as well.
I'm not a big "Olivia fan" but understand they needed to establish where she's at.

I think that Walter and Peter are (hopefully) going to piece all of it together soon. The alternate Liv, has to fly by the seat of her pants, winging it where as, our Olivia has the others memories implanted in her.

I just hope they don't let this storyline ride too long. I hate the old switer-oo line.


Kal said...

I think you are right. Our Walter may act like a crazy old fool but he is still brilliant and he will see through her. Or maybe the other Olivia will like it better on our side. I hear the onion rings over in the alternate universe suck and people eat fries with mayo instead of ketchup like they do in Europe.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I knew Fringe would start the season off weird...