Thursday, September 23, 2010


I totally thought that today was Friday. I stayed up all night because as usual I have wicked insomnia and after pulling every muscle I don't have at bowling last night I just couldn't sleep if I wanted too.

I got myself all stressed that I would not be able to sleep all day and I would show up to meet Noah and be too tired to be sparkly and talky like I am when I am rested even a little bit. But that is FRIDAY and today is THURSDAY so I have a whole extra twenty-four plus hours to get some sleep.

I also have been thinking what I want to eat at the pub we are meeting at. They have awesome bar food but their wings are terminally hot.

One time I touched my eye after washing off my fingers in the lemon water bowl they give you and half my face swelled up and my eye stopped functioning. They wanted to take me to the hospital but I just went home and rinsed out my eye with bleach and that took care of the burn and kept the sauce from reaching my brain.

Good times.


Unknown said...

Looking forward to it!

I may bring safety goggles for the wing feast though. :)

That's the thing about tentacles. You always have a spare one for emergencies.


Kal said...

Oh no you didn't....