Friday, September 24, 2010

I Had A Terrific Time

I was out tonight at the bar (something I don't do often) with Noah (not his real name), the first follower of my blog that I have ever met. Seems he lives about ten houses from me (who knew?).

I had a great time. You don't know how cool it is to meet someone who you can talk comics and movies with for hours and he GETS every reference. Even when I had lots of friends I didn't have anyone in my circle like that. So I thank him for a fun time and hope we can hang out more often.

He brought me these three gifts which are awesome to add to my collection. I have been looking for a Cthulu so that I could do some picture stories with him and my loose action figures and now I have one. Plus that cool Star Trek/Zombies story that I posted the trailer for earlier in the week I am totally looking forward to reading. Gifts and a new buddy - Kal is having a great week. Thanks again Noah. It was awesome to be out, to be having some great conversation while oogling the cute bar girls and eating bar snacks.

I am hating myself for not bringing my camera to record the event but this picture of the two of us comes pretty close. Try to quess who is who.


Unknown said...

The pleasure was all mine, Commander! The conversation was stimulating, the wings were great and those potato skins looked tempting too. And you're right, the girls were not hard on the eyes! Oh, don't wear the Cthulhu hat when the moon is full. (It'll give you kafka dreams.);P

M. D. Jackson said...

Well, you guys didn't close the place. Maybe next time.