Sunday, September 26, 2010

Miss Martian

Yeh, I know the name is stupid but I love her coloring. Kirk had it right. Green girls with red hair just hit the human male in all his 'special places'. She is also one of the character in the new animated series 'Young Justice' that starts this fall. I love that they gave her character freckles in this show.


Tim Knight said...

You and me both Kal.

As much as I dislike the Martian Manhunter, just can't get enough off Lil' Miss Martian... and yes, it is the green skin/red hair combo!

Kal said...

We are all freaks, you know that? And we live in a world that keep indulging us so I blame the planet and not myself.

M. D. Jackson said...

We're not freaks. We were just imprinted at an early age by Susan Oliver as Vina on Star Trek.

Think about it; as males we were just developing a sexual identity then along comes this image of completely over-the-top sexuality, something almost to be afraid of judging by Captain Pike's reaction.

Someone with green skin shoulkd, in our minds be considered unhealthy, but from the moment we laid eyes on that Orion Slave Girl, we associated green skinned women with hot sex and nolw we just can't help ourselves.

Budd said...

#3 is my favorite.

Kal said...

Wasn't there a better green chick when whats her name (Batgirl) Yvonne Craig who had that best litle body until she got blow up. So yeh. Boys from the 60/70s are hardwired to love on some green bitches.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Could be worse. They could have named her "Marcia Manhunter"

I'll try this one, but really. Enough with the Superman already. I'm sure Superboy is an even bigger douche.