Thursday, September 23, 2010

Survivor Episode 2

First of all a question - Would a 'CELEBRITY' Survivor actually work? Seeing Jimmy J on this cycle is telling me it wouldn't. They just have lived the soft life for so long. But it sure would be sweet to see Spencer Pratt beaten to death. Just saying.

How does a person with an artificial leg become a target? They way they talk about Kelly B just seems mean and petty to me. I officially am on team Kelly B now - I bet she surprises everyone.

Benry - stupidest name ever. I could see if you had a girlfriend named Mary and your name was Ben and your friends just called you both that as a couple. But to come on TV and declare that to be your name - why not just call yourself 'french fry'? Just as stupid.

Bitch - you don't dump the shoes of your own teammate in the ocean. That is just spooky crazy for Co-Co Puffs. Holly, Holly, Holly - watch your shoes everyone.

Oh No, now the great sock theft. Ian Boxx stole my socks once. I know he did it. I know it.

Told you Kelly B could kick ass. Her artificial leg didn't slow her down ONE BIT.

Have you noticed how the challenges are not as physical or as HARSHLY physical as in previous cycles? Is it more entertaining to watch the passing of the balls into barrels than people bashing into each other?

I appreciated how Jill gave the clue to her teammate. I have never seen that kind of thinking before. The selfishness of the young compared to the team spirit of the old. This could actually be competitive. Especially when they talk about cutting Brenda loose who is a strong girl and a smart player. Wow. It`s like the young are following the stupid playbook.

I was hoping Shannon would go - he is a total douchebag and just asked to be sent home. He offended each minority group out there. I loved how Jeff told Fabio to get his head out of his ass. Classic. That was one of the most fun tribal councils ever.

And how stupid a person - how terrible a human being is Naonka? I loved how she had no idea what Jeff meant when he asked her if she was 'complicated'.


baygirl32 said...

Naonka is one complicated B*tch for sure, I would have loved to see her go.
When Shannon opened his mouth to Sash I knew he was gone.
Team youngians has a lot to lean!

Kal said...

They are especially stupid this time around don't you think? The youngins?

The Invisible Seductress said...

I was just shaking my head when Shannon started firing off.. Dude really??? First tribal and you do that?? Has he not watched the show before?? Yes and lets sab. our team mates by stealing their shoes,,, stupid, stupid, stupid!! Nan is out of her freaking gourd! I like a little confrontational in people but you expect she'll be duking it out with the sand crabs like "Oh no you didn't"!!! Laughing! I am rooting for Kelly too, she's not letting anything stop her!! I agree that was the best tribal in a while too!!! My kids are rooting for the young tribe, my middle said she HAS to because she's only 10 and I'm "old" so I HAVE to go for the oldies..sigh..I may stop feeding her.

Hells Kitchen is back too!!!! YAY!!!

M. D. Jackson said...

I would totally watch a celebrity Survivor. Especially C and D list celebs. Just watching their desire to go back to the comforts of civilization conflict with their desire to continue being on TV would be drama enough.

Drake said...

I'm with M.D. they need a Celeb Survivor...i can just see it Paris Hilton...Kim Kardashian...Spencer Pratt...Kate plus 8 or her ex douchebag John... (you know no real A listers would do the show)

I was thinking did the young tribe eat too many stupid pills.

Did you see the "winners" on the new season of Hell's Kitchen?

Kal said...

Shannon done lost his mind. And how stupid is 'Fabio' - they give him the nickname and now that is the name that appears next to his picture at the beginning of the show. I love how Jeff bitch slapped him down hard. I still say the monkeys are going to carry him away one day.

Celebrity Survivor would be so much better than the F-list show - "I Think I Am A Celebrity So Give Me My Hundred Dollars And Fly My Ass Home" - not enough suffering.

Kal said...

I haven't watched 'Hell's Kitchen' yet but its there in my download file just calling out to me. I am sure I will have lots to say about that too. Seems a little soon for another cycle. I was prepared for another 'Amazing Race' before the next 'Hell's Kitchen' but I will adapt.

If Paris went on Celebrity Survivor she would need her cootchie stretched to shove enough cocaine - oh wait, Paris HILTON - that coochie could smuggle in a travel trunk of cocaine. My bad.

The Invisible Seductress said... was gum.....laughing