Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Hate Facebook

I hate being show pictures of my past from parties that I was never cool enough to be invited too. I was just as goofy as all of them with my big ass medallions and velour shirts. And I was the one that WON the 24 hour dance marathon, often without a partner to learn on. That was determination baby.

It wasn't until I moved to Alberta that I got to go to the cool parties. Well that is beccause I had a wicked ass volkswagon with the best heater ever. Those girls didn't love me. They just loved my warmth. - external and not internal.


Ravyn said...

Let's see...on the plus side - you can dance. Girls like a dude who can dance since so few of them do. Of course, you need to find a girl that can also dance!

I wouldn't worry too much about what parties you were invited to or even went to - all water under the bridge.

You haven't found anyone on FB that you wanted to get in touch with again? A friend of mine said "If I didn't keep in touch with them from 20 years ago, then there must've been a reason."

I can totally understand that logic, however, since I got pregnant right after high school and didn't go to college, I didn't have the opportunity to keep in touch with people that I liked or wanted to see more often. It's a little difficult being a 19 year old single mother in a very small town after having been to a Catholic high school! :)

Anyway, I guess my point is to look to the future...try to think of a girl that you thought was cute or quiet or what not in high school/university that you would like to say hi to again, and try to find her.

Hey...and if you don't mind my saying so (sorry if you do cuz I'm going to say it anyway)...if I was a single gal and was checking out your blogs I think that I would feel inferior to all your ideals of how/what you like. For instance, Selena...I think she's gorgeous - definitely - but would I feel like I could enter into a relationship with you if I was a short, chubby, blonde? No.

Many women, as you may know, have an inferiority complex. If they see that a guy that they are interested in is into gorgeous Latina girls or girls with voluptuous chests and legs a mile long, then 9 times out of 10, the girl will say to herself "well, he wouldn't like me if he likes that."

Does that make sense? Sorry I posted it all here but you can always delete it, you have that option, correct?

Take care Cal - oh, and while I might not always comment on what you have written or say I always read it (just mostly at work when I can't really comment without someone walking into my cube asking what I'm doing!)


Ravyn said...
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Ravyn said...

Sorry about that - for some reason I posted it twice. Damn computers.

M. D. Jackson said...

Hey! I was at that party!

I dislike facebook because it does not encourage (and, I think sometimes actively discourages) deep thinking. That's why I prefer blogging because my posts and comments are usually a well thought out and reasoned response. There is room for stories and meaningful dialogue past such inanities as:" "George likes this." or "LOL!" For something that takes up so much bandwidth (electronic and mental) there is actually very little said.

As for Twitter... well, don't get me started about Twitter...

M. D. Jackson said...

Having said that: I do know personally a man (my boss) who, after going through a nasty divorce, reconnected with an old girlfriend, an exchange student from Jamaica he'd gone out with for a year when he was 19. She had moved to Florida.

They're now married, quite happily. Go figure.

Pearl said...

I've actually "unfriended" people after "hiding" them wasn't enough. Surprisingly, this did not go over well. I just got so tired of how offensive I found their updates, their constant need for validation. Some people just wear you out.

As for the cool parties, where you are is the place to be. Plus, I hear you can dance...


Kal said...

Thanks for your advice Ravyn. But since the women were not flocking to me before I started adding Selena pics (and you gotta admit I as very few busty model girls) then I think the boat has sailed so I will just continue poasting what I like on my blog.

Ricky Shambles said...

A young man from the town of Tipperary walks into a Dublin pub, sits down, orders a pint, and asks the bartender "Excuse me sir. I've just moved here to Dublin from Tipperary and was wonderin' what kinds of folks I might meet here."

"Well," the bartender responded, "what kinds of folks do you have there in Tipperary?"

"Greatest people in the world! They'd give you their last penny and the shirt off their back if it'd make your life easier for just a moment."

"Well son, I've got good news for you: you're going to find the exact same people here in Dublin."

Not long after, a young man from the town of Limerick walks into that same Dublin pub, sits down, orders a pint, and asks the bartender "Excuse me sir. I've just moved here to Dublin from Limerick and was wonderin' what kinds of folks I might meet here."

"Well," the bartender responded, "what kinds of folks do you have there in Limerick?"

"Oh, the most dreadful people in the world! They'd steal your last penny and the shirt off your back if given just a moment to do so."

"Well son, I'm sorry, I've got some bad news for you: you're going to find the exact same people here in Dublin."


The people in that pic are douchebags. It could be worse: you could attract douchebags. Or be one. You don't and you're not. That's a good thing.

Kal said...

Thank's Ricky I will remember that. said...

Rewind: You won a 24 hour dance marathon?? Now, that's hot! Move over Selena..I mean, so we can share. ;0)

Kal said...

And I won it wearing black satin pants, a black satin shirt and a red vest. I completed the essemble with a pair of my dad's Wellingtons and a big ass medallion made from coral. Oh yeh. Brother was stylin. I have to start scanning those pictures. You would all crap your pants if you say the man I was and compare him the the wreck I have become.

Megan said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I am really only on Facebook because of my family. And we all live in the same fucking state but we never seem to see each other all at once because there's a lot of us so it's kinda cool to get the pics of the party that the other cousins were at, you know?

Still it's pretty crazy being friends with the girls I absolutely HATED in 8th grade...