Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Love Me Some GOOM!!!

You picky girls out there only WISH you could date a fine piece of alien man-meat like GOOM here. Brother got himself a heart of gold and ambition - he's off trying to take over the world while your so-called 'boyfriend' plays video games all day and ignores everything you say.

So all that screaming when he shows up to meet you after 4 months of you both texting back and forth needs to stop. Who are YOU to judge GOOM?

I know I have an irrational love for GOOM but he's about the best comic book monster to come out of the mind of a human being ever. He never got the respect and attention he deserved.


Contemplating Cadie said...

I've been away from blogging lately and I'm just now getting back into the swing of things. Been to TS's blog a few times lately, but felt like something was missing. I think it was YOU!
Wow. I missed you, man.

I met Goom through a friend of a friend on facebook, things have been getting a little hot and heavy with our messages lately and I was looking forward to meeting him. I'd been wondering why he didn't have a profile pic, and he kept telling me he would get around to sending a photograph, but hasn't yet. Anyway, it's great to finally put a name with the 'face' so to speak.

PS) Could you please let Goom know that I've decided to make things work with my husband, and that I'm going to need to cancel our rendezvous? Kiss kiss.

Kal said...

Oh sure, how convenient to trot out the 'husband' when a potential suitor shows up at the door. Poor Goom - he is always the rebound guy, the bridesmaid.

He told me he uprooted a whole botanical garden to find you just the right flowers for the first meeting. He coudln't decide so he brought me a whole spaceship full of them. I figured you were a 'Deadly Nightshade' or 'Tulip Girl' but left the final decision to him.

So you just missed out on a whole bucket of flowers, a spaceship ride, sparkly conversation and one very wet good night kiss.

So you can see I am confused to hear from you again. On one hand I am delighted to once again be exposed to your wit and beauty but on the otherhand I feel bad for my friend and how you have crushed another man under your boot heel.

Well at least you didn't mock him on some comment section. That made another person I know cry but you don't know him. Really, you don't.

Love, Cal

(P.S. - don't be a stranger - I post enough dumbass shit to inspire great comments from you - you are a comment genius and more than a worthy evil nemesis to me.)

Contemplating Cadie said...

I so LOVE when I make people I don't know cry, let's do it again sometime. (But this time have your tissue ready, okay?)

Tulip Girl

(AKA... Deadly Nightshade... but that's only when I'm stalking you down a dark alley, my formidable foe.)

Kal said...

Deadly Nightshade would be a cool name for a nemisis - I suspect your costume with be one of those other sundresses in your closet - I would suggest the black with a a domino mask but you are a big girl and can dress yourself now. I know the black sundress is only for funerals and the like but you can always find duel purposes for you evil...lair? (no)...SPREAD...that's it. An evil counry spread of land.

Just promise you will keep our death feud between you and me. I would hate to see you team up with my cephalopod enemies. That is SO cliche and overdone these days. I respect you too much to see you go out as just some common collaborator. You are better than that.

Nathan said...

Does Goom ever close his mouth?