Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In Your FACE Billy 'Douchebag' Mitchell

The Donkey Kong high score record has been shattered three times this year with Steve Wiebe recapturing the title from his King of Kong rival Billy Mitchell. Hank Chien took the title from Billy Mitchell this past March. Chien beat Mitchell's 3 year record. Mitchell reclaimed his title in July with a score of 1,062,800. This month, Steve Wiebe beat Mitchell's score by hitting 1,064,500. According to Twin Galaxies, Wiebe set the top Donkey Kong score record in spring 2007. His efforts were documented in the film 'The King of Kong' (which you should see if you are an old school gaming geek).

I love this story because I saw the movie 'King of Kong' and watched this underdog get the screwgie put to him by cheater and all around asshole Billy Michelle who like a crybaby, colluded with his loser brigade to steal the record back. Bite me ya fag, and by fag I refer to his behavior and not how he was born.


Katie said...

I'm not a gamer but I loved that movie. And if Mitchell gets his title stolen, then the gods have smiled upon the earth. Seriously, could that man be a bigger buttface?

Kal said...

He is beyond a buttface and his gang of admirers are just creepy even for gamer guys.